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Brenda has gained an excellent widespread reputation demonstrating her spiritual skills to audiences across the UK. She has made an impact upon many peoples lives and receives a phenominal amount of requests for private sittings.

Brenda is the author of 14 books 9 of which have been published on Amazon, one being her autobiography.
Brenda says that it is possible to give a psychic reading from anything; objects, artwork, items of clothing, even parts of the body. She says that combining the emphatic and the humorous makes for an amazing fun filled event; while still honouring the seriousness and sensitivity of her mediumship and psychic ability.


Medium, Psychic, Remote Viewer, Picturologist, Entertainer

Meet Brenda's alter-ego Tunninya - The Veiled Psychic here


"Bringing Your Loved Ones Closer"

"Guiding You On Your Life Path"

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REVIEW: by the 'Full Circle' Podcast team

"Sometimes you just know when you are
in the presence of one of the Masters.
We were so blessed to have Brenda with
us to record an episode. Brenda really is
one of the Masters.
Brenda works as a professional
Medium, Tarot Reader, Remote Viewer,
Artist and Author. She has been open to
Spirit from birth and has given readings
And worked with spirit professionally
Since the age of 15.
We get to chat to Brenda about many
topics including readings, being an
author, being an artist and remote
viewing. I think we could have talked
about remote viewing for hours. What
a great gift Brenda has there....Enjoy."

Listen to the pod cast here



Brenda was a guest on the programme Saturday 12/08/23

Listen to the podcast here

Psychic Adviser to many businesses, well-known personalities and international clients.


Natural born medium with over 50 years experience of working in the psychic and paranormal fields. Qualified tutor. Mentoring Service available.

After Dinner Speaker and Lecturer on various subjects. Artist and Writer. Published Author.


More testimonials here

Intuitive Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant / Multi-Sense Medium. Remote Viewer, Non-Invasive Psychic Surgeon and Reiki Master.
Brenda is available to work in Hotels, Casinos, Theatres, Pubs, Clubs, etc., throughout the UK. She will assist the Police and Private Investigators with Psychic Detection and Profiling work. And is happy to give Radio, TV and Press interviews.
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