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Brenda Diskin also writing as BD Timmins


Brenda is available for Victorian seances, paranormal investigations, after dinner entertainment, public speaking, clubs and organisations, etc.

An inquisitive mind and a love of music and history stimulated my writing juices from a very early age. In fact I completed my first book at the age of eight, it was an illustrated anthology. Not as impressive as it sounds, as it was written in a school exercise book with the illustrations in the margin, but it did earn me an A+. Unfortunately the school never gave it back to me.
        Since then, writing and art became a big part of my life, academically, therapeutically and, more recently, for pleasure. I have written nine books on various subjects including spiritual development, cookery, poetry, and my autobiography. My writing includes both fiction and non-fiction books and several short stories, most of which have been illustrated with my photos and artwork.
        Although officially retired, my main work is as a stage Medium and Psychic. In 2018 I brought together a team of dedicated mediums and psychics, each with their own unique skills, with the intention of forming a Clairvoyant Roadshow, that would allow people around the UK to watch how these talented individuals work. Unfortunately this was cut short just as it was taking off, due to Covid lockdown. I do intend to continue with the roadshows once life returns to normal, but the format will change.
      With several qualifications under my belt, I also work as a public speaker and run workshops on various topics around the UK. My events are generally geared towards an 18+ open-minded audience as they are laced with, sometimes adult, humour and there may be the odd profanity. Having said this I am qualified to teach 14+, so could easily prepare something for younger audiences.

I am required by law to state that certain areas of my work are for entertainment purposes only.

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My writing and early mediumistic experiences started in London, England where I lived for the biggest part of my life. During my time in London my work thrived and I developed quite a following. Due to circumstances beyond my control, and which led me to the idea of writing my autobiography, I ended up in Sheffield. Most of my books, stories and ideas have been born in my home in Sheffield; which is also headquarters for Brenda the writer and artist, Brenda the Medium, and Brenda the researcher and paranormal investigator. My promotional idea first surfaced in Sheffield and was introduced to the public in late January 2019.
        Since then there have been ten shows with the whole team of Mediums, held in various types of venue around the Sheffield area and which have reached over 1000 members of the public. On top of that I have made hundreds of personal appearances around England, reaching thousands of people. Upcoming bookings will be advertised on my websites as soon as venues become available.


        I am available for promotional work, as a speaker for all types of events, and as an individual, or with a guest speaker, for two to four hour shows in larger theatres and clubs for Mediumship demonstrations; which include good evidence of spirit contact, humour and audience interaction.

        As an individual, I am available for tours throughout the U.K. and welcome enquiries and offers from Promoters and Entertainment Agents. My ‘One Woman Show’ can be tailored to meet your needs.

        I am also available to work on ghost hunt nights, either with a team or as an individual, and am available to facilitate various workshops. See workshop details on my website:  http://www.brendadiskin.co.uk/workshops.htm  For Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunts visit: http://www.sheffieldparanormal.co.uk


I am willing to travel anywhere within the U.K. for Corporate and Private bookings. My fee for this service is a mutually agreed flat rate plus expenses and any venue hire charges.

Please email:  bren@brendadiskin.co.uk  or phone: 07941322557

Sairah Brighton Copy editor/ proof reader

“Brenda is exceptional in her field, and by far one of the best I've seen. Her attention to detail, coupled with her warm and friendly nature make her completely approachable. I truly recommend her services, and I cannot praise her enough."
November 27, 2012


Andrew Weale Children's author, performer, film maker, lecturer, trainer
“Brenda gave me my first spiritual reading in 1995 and it changed my life. I was intent at the time on developing my acting and singing career, but she was adamant when she told me that I am a writer. Now, over 15 years later, I have 4 children's books to my name, and two more awaiting publication."
July 29, 2012, Andrew


Wendy -Yvonne Blease Receptionist, Administration, Customer Services, Trainer Holistic Therapies
“Brenda is a highly motivated and a personable person to work for and with. Brenda is knowledgeable in her work and adheres to a high standard of ethics and professionalism. I would highly recommend Brenda.
July 26, 2012, Wendy-Yvonne


Sheffield Parkway Club/Gala Bingo Charity Ghost Hunt in aid of Sue Ryder Cancer Charity Wednesday April 22nd 2009
Hi Brenda, I just wanted to say thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable night on Wednesday. Both my daughter and myself were really impressed with yourself and your colleagues. I would be interested in future investigations so would appreciate it if you could email me any details.
Thanks again for a brill night.  Karen


Some comments about my book ‘When Spirit Calls…..you answer’:

"Jackie downloaded your e book 'When Spirit Calls', she likes it".

"Excellent item, great service, would recommend, Top eBayer A+++++
When Spirit Calls, Email book, PDF format, Psychic Mediumship self-development"

"Well pleased"

"The book is great"

"Simon Weale, Hi Brenda, thanks so much for your book. I had no idea as to the scale of it! Impressive, interesting reading too".

"Very pleased, great value for money"

Hi Brenda, thank you for a most straight forward, understandable, honest book
many regards Amanda


Brenda gifted me this Tracy it is fantastic read you will enjoy it it's fab. You will learn a lot from Brenda s book it is so good. Glynis


A natural born medium, I first worked platform when I was eighteen years old. I have had much stage experience working in front of people of different age groups and professions. My specialty is remote viewing which has led me to working with the police and private investigators. I have been a reader to many well-known celebrities and entrepreneurs. A Londoner based in Sheffield with my partner Mick and our two Jack Russell terriers, I love performing, art, architecture, all kinds of music, writing, debates, the countryside, crafting the unusual and watching a good thriller.
        I am a self-published author of eight non-fiction books. See more here: www.brendadiskin.co.uk


        My goal is to be able to make a success of my writing both non-fiction and fiction. Being as we are all born to die there are many bereaved people throughout the U.K. (and the rest of the world). These people often have several unanswered questions and many things that have been left unsaid which prolong the grieving process; disallowing them to heal and move on with their lives.  My ultimate aim is to take my books, my art, and my Clairvoyant Roadshows to venues throughout the U.K. hopefully to provide the answers people seek and bring peace of mind, laughter and upliftment to as many people as possible.

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