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Below you will find details of our workshops and a list of the type of workshops we can run, most can be tailored to suit your requirements. Call or Email us for details or to discuss your ideas.

We have a wide selection of courses and workshops available at very competitive rates many are available as email or postal courses




Please check availability

Tarot for Today. Tarot workshop,learn the art of tarot reading through intuition and story telling. Traditional, new and exciting methods. Covers Major Arcana meanings and different spreads. General advice on reading for the public and insurance. This workshop will teach the partcipants the methods behind intuitive tarot reading. It will help to build the confidence to carry out readings for other people and, with practise, the ability to read for others in a professional manner. One day, 10am - 4pm in Sheffield. POA including lunch and refreshments. 10 places available. Booking essential. Contact me for availabilty

Please contact us for prices and availability


Psychic Development Weekend (or two weekdays) 10am - 4pm both days. Sheffield. Learn how to awaken and focus your psychic abilities through the use of various 'tools of the trade'. Course includes: Meditation, opening up and closing down, working with various tools and methods to stimulate the 'psychic juices', ways of working, self discipline, legalities, etc. POA per person for the weekend (including lunch and refreshments). Booking essential, 10 -12 places available. Non-residential.

Subject to availability


Anointing and dedicating candles for health, wealth and happiness. Unleash the magick within candles. In this workshop we will show you how this simple yet effective art will help you to focus your own healing energy to bring about change in all areas of your life. Learn about colours and intention and how they affect what we do. £35 per person including materials and refreshments. 3 hour workshop in Sheffield. Maximum 10 people.

Subject to availability


Indian Head & Shoulder Massage for friends and family, uncertificated 1 day course in Sheffield. 10am - 4pm, limited to 6 places. Advance booking essential. POA including light lunch.

Subject to availability


Creating a Medicine Feather for Healing, Prayer or Smudging, including gifting ceremony. Make your own medicine feather. £35 per person including materials and refreshments. 3 hour workshop in Sheffield. Maximum 10 people

Subject to availability


Using your medicine feather. Learn the simple, yet affective, art of Medicine Feather Healing. £35 per person including materials and refreshments. 3 hour workshop in Sheffield. Maximum 10 people

Can be carried out on same day as Creating a Medicine Feather £70 per person including materials, lunch and refreshments. 6 hour workshop in Sheffield. Maximum 10 people

Psychic Art Workshop. Try your hand at psychic art and channeling spiritual drawings. Bring an A4 pad and a 2B pencil. £35 per person including refreshments. 3 hour workshop in Sheffield. Maximum 10 people.

Subject to availability


Getting Rid of Past Influences
A Shamanic workshop using the power of the medicine wheel to rid us of the negative vibrations that stem from people from our past. Even the ones we love dearly can influence our lives by modelling us on their own ideals. We are people in our own right, and need to grow and develop as such.
£35 per person including materials and refreshments. 3 hour workshop in Sheffield. Maximum 6 people

Subject to availability


Hand and Foot Massage workshop. Including use of oils and reflex points. 1 day 10am - 4pm. Sheffield. Booking essential, 10 places only. POA per person including, use of materials, lunch and refreshments.

Subject to availability.


Crystal Healing workshop. Learn how to use crystals and crystal dowsing to aid your healing abilities. 1 day 10am - 4pm. Sheffield. POA per person including lunch and refreshments. Booking essential, only 6-8 places.

Subject to availability


Meditation Groups Learn to meditate for relaxation. Day courses £55.00 including handouts and lunch 12+ places. Please bring a mat or blanket to lie on.

Subject to availability


Medicine Feather Healing Full Day workshop Make a Medicine Feather and learn how to heal using it. Full day workshop £70.00 including materials and lunch. 10 places.

Subject to availability


Stress Management workshop Find out what causes stress, how it affects our lives and how we can deal with it. 1 day workshop. £55.00 including handouts and lunch. 12 places.

Subject to availability


Self Esteem Workshop Learn to love and respect yourself. 1 day workshop. £70.00 including handouts and lunch. 12 places.

Subject to availability


Creative Writing Workshop Learn how to express yourself through writing. 1 day workshop. £70.00 including handouts and lunch. 16 places.

Subject to availability


Indian Head and Shoulder Massage (Champissage) Full course Certificated course to use in conjunction with any government approved certificated massage. Learn how to give a full massage to upper back, shoulders, neck, head and scalp, face and ears. As with the introductory course this form of massage is performed with the client remaining fully clothed. A wonderful form of massage for all round health and well being. Including manual, certificate, light lunch and refreshments. 2 Day course. £150 per person. 6-8 places.

Subject to availability.


Introduction to Healing Workshop Learn how to open up to the healing energies and experience healing for yourself. Half day workshop. £35.00 including refreshments. All welcome.

Subject to availability


Basic Witchcraft Postal Course in 6 parts covering history, festivals, casting a circle, calling the quarters and much more. Contact me for more details £POA including P&P.

If your would like private tutoring in psychic development either online or via telephone. Please make an appointment. 2 hour session. Price is £30.00 payable in advance through Paypal or bank transfer

Retreats 2-7 days

Workshops, tutoring, socialising, ghost-hunting and much more

Subject to availability




Enhance Your Life Through Learning

Deep Trance Physical Medium / Psychic




Other Available Workshops

Mediumship, Healing & Spiritual Related

Ongoing Mediumship Development

Aspects of Mediumship

Pendulum Dowsing - 3 hours

Crystal Ball & Scrying - 3 hours

Past Life Regression

Psychometry - 3 hours

Intuitve Tarot - 1 full day

Picturology, The Art of Reading from Drawings and Doodles - 1 full day


Candle Magick

Investigating the Paranormal

Sensing and Drawing Auras

The Psychic Artist Within You - 1 full day

Past Lives

Remote Viewing

Intuitive Writing

Enhance Your Intuition

Keeping a Dream Diary

Getting Rid of Past Influences (Shamanic workshop) - 3 hours

Making a Smudge or Prayer Feather - 3 hours

Quest for the Grail

The Power of Sound

Inner Vision Council

How the Celestine Prophecy Relates to Our Lives

Reclaiming the Power

Releasing the Power Within You

Psychic Self Defence

Creating What You Want

The Power of Drumming - Shamanic journeying

The Power of Attraction (Law of Attraction)


Making a Medicine Feather - 3 hours


Medicine Feather Healing - 3 hours can combine with making feather (6 hours)

The Healing Way (bringing back the ancient magic)

Colour Healing

Crystal Healing

Pendulum Dowsing for Healers

Story Telling Using the Tarot for Psychic Readings

Story Telling Using the Tarot for Creative Writing

Chakra Points, Their Qualities & Purpose

Record Keeping

Writing Disclaimers

Annual CPD Courses


Indian Head and Shoulder Massage - 1 or 2 full day course

Record Keeping

Writing Disclaimers

Annual CPD Courses

Life Skills & Hobbies

Literacy ready for Level 1

Numeracy ready for Level 1

Positive Living

Discovering the Wonderful You

Credit Control

Debt Management

Self Employed Bookeeping Made Easy

How To Fill In Your Self Assessment Tax Form

Creative Writing

Expressing yourself through poetry

You Can be an Artist

Emotion Painting (and analysis of your work)

Making Paper Flowers

Musical Art

Business Related Workshops, Risk Assessment, etc


Body Language


Dealing with Aggression

Equality and Diversity

Listening Skills

Report Writing

Writing a Newsletter

Self Awareness

Stress Management

Writing a Dissertation

NLP & Visualisation to help overcome Dyslexia

Learning for Life & Work Skills (various courses)

Paranormal Investigating / Parapsychology

Well Being

Stress Management


Self Esteem

Take Control of Your Life

Learn To Love LIfe

Bringing Colour into Your Life

Colour Healing

Crystal Healing

Optimal Breathing

Just For Fun

Art for Fun

Story Telling & Sharing

Story Telling using Tarot

Encaustic Wax Art

Cold Wax & Oil Pastel / Watercolour Art

Watercolour Techniques

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