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Ongoing Psychic and Mediumship Development circle evenings in Parson Cross, Sheffield in which we will be covering all aspects of psychic, mediumship and paranormal development including trance, experimenting with physical and mental phenomena, etc. £5 waged, £3 unwaged, per session. Limited places.

Reiki 1 healers course. Certificated course including full manual, all instruction and attunement to enable you to practice healing instantly once attuned (and insured). 1day course, 10am - 4pm. Sheffield. Ongoing support offered at all times. £95 per person including lunch and refreshments. Maximum 4 places. Checkable lineage. Contact me for availabilty..

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Other Available Courses
Healing Related Courses

Courses we teach include

SYH Criteria Healing Course

Reiki 1

Reiki 2

Reiki Masters

Reiki Teachers

Reiki Money

Reiki OBE

Reiki Telepathy Empowerment

Abundance Flush

Healing Flush

Quan Yin

Crystal Healing


Deep Meditation

Sound Meditation

Metaphysical Studies

Basic Anatomy and Physiology for Healers

Mediumship Related Courses

Courses we teach include

Psychic Development

Mediumship Development


Intuitive/Automatic Writing

Psychic Art

Psychic First Aid



Enhance Your Life Through Learning

Deep Trance Physical Medium / Psychic

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Reader to many famous personalities

Brenda is available to assist the Police and Private Investigators with Psychic Detection and Profiling work.

Other Courses We Teach

Spiritual & Earth Related

Basic Shamanism

Shamanic Journeying

Basic Witchcraft

Simple Spell Casting


Indian Head and Shoulder Massage

Well Being

Stress Management


Colour Therapy

Life Skills & Hobbies

Creative Writing

Writing To Change Your Life

(Emotions get trapped inside of us, and throughout our lives triggers will set off unresolved feelings and dis-ease. You too can change your life's patterns by expressing yourself through writing. This course will help you to face your fears and emotions and begin to deal with them in a constructive way.)

Art for Fun

Literacy and Numeracy

Expressing yourself through poetry

Basic Anatomy & Physiology

Basic ICT/Computer Skills

Building a Basic Website through Dreamweaver

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