Brenda is available for Victorian seances, paranormal investigations, after dinner entertainment, clubs and organisations, etc.
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Working In The Seance Cabinet

This photo has been changed to sepia tone from original, click photo to hear recording

Brenda is available for trance demonstration and seance evenings between 1st October and 15th March each year or 11.30pm onwards anytime of year by special arrangement. These evenings are carried out in a cabinet and are limited to a sensible adult audience due to the risks involved with deep trance/physical mediumship.


The following video was recorded in the confines of a seance cabinet in a darkened room using only a red light. (The cabinet provides a safe place for spirit activity allowing any mists or ectoplasm to be easily seen against the dark background). The footage was recorded with normal vision camcorder as any transfiguration and ectoplasm that takes place rarely shows up in white light or infra red.



Deep Trance Demonstration from Brenda Diskin on Vimeo.


Trance demo slide shows 1 & 2

This is unlike the trance you have seen on the television or on platform, it is an extraordinary experience. There are very few Deep Trance / Physical Mediums working in public as many mediums are unable to achieve this level of communication. Brenda states that this is an experimental demonstration as she does not know who is going to come through or how they are going to manifest themselves. You may hear from your family, an historical figure or someone belonging to the building you are in. You may witness transfiguration, physical phenomena, noises within the room, movement of objects or several voices speaking at once. These things have happened individually at some time during past demonstrations.

Brenda works in a cabinet with a red light. A microphone and amplifier is set up so that everyone can hear what is said. A night vision camcorder and projector screen is used so that the audience can see there is no trickery. Not all phenomena can be seen on the projector as mists, ectoplasm etc. do not always show up in that kind of light.

What is Deep Trance? Deep trance is used primarily in physical mediumship. There are many factors which indicate genuine trance control. Genuine trance is a strong sharing of mental and physical energies and consciousness between the medium and the spirit communicator. Generally, although not always, the following will be apparent with the medium:

•Various degrees of unconsciousness

•Slow, deep and steady breathing

•Slowing of the heart rate

•Lowering of body temperature

•No REM (rapid eye movement)

•Greatly reduced reaction to touch and pain

Because the spirit communicator is speaking directly through the medium (as opposed to the medium relating the information as is the case with mental mediumship) the voice pattern, tone, inflection and general manner of speech is different to that normally exhibited by the medium.


Physical Mediumship Deep Trance Physical Medium / Psychic





Gala Bingo Sheffield

Hi Brenda , I just wanted to say thank you for a very interesting and
enjoyable night on Wednesday. Both my daughter and myself were really
impressed with yourself and your colleagues.
I would be interested in future investigations so would appreciate it
if you could email me any details.
Thanks again for a brill night.


Joanne Curren wrote
at 8:04pm yesterday
it was fantastic , everyone realy enjoyed it. thank you so much brenda and her team x

Seekers Trust, West Malling, Kent

"myself and my friend really enjoyed the evening. It was wonderful to watch you all working and I know it couldn't have been easy for you especially as there were some people fidgeting in the room which must have been very off putting. I think you all coped admirably!

I want to thank you so much for allowing my dad to speak through you. I was so shocked as it was so unexpected, but the message he spoke through you blew me away. It proved to me beyond doubt that it was him, only myself and my mum were in the room moments after he passed, so nobody other than us could have known the words we spoke to him just after his passing. It was of great comfort to my mum too, so thank you so so much. I was able to have a long chat with Pat and her partner afterwards as I am particularly interested in the indigo/rainbow children, so for me the evening was just wonderful. You were all excellent, congratulations on all your hard work, I look forward to seeing you all again in the future."

Home Circle 28th October 2009

hi brenda just to say a big thank you for wed eve,i actually cried on my way home i was so happy to have heard from my lovely auntie and you made that possible for which i am eternally thankfull,my mum was also thrilled and the attachment is great so i now can let her listen to it, once again many thanks see you in two weeks lots of love denise xxxxxxx

A natural born medium, I have been experiencing trance connection since I was 16 years old and working with it for almost 35 years. In this video I talk about the type of trance I work with, what to expect, how it works, safety precautions, etc.

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